Dreams about lion

Dreams about lion

In the fantasy world, the lion is the most persistent fighter in life’s challenges. On the other hand, lions are signs of influence on the people around. Depending on the dream scenario, the lion can represent several things. For example, to dream of a lion means having the ability to overcome some of your emotional issues by getting in touch with the feelings and taming them, if necessary. Also, as the presider over the floods, in some cases, but not all, the lion can represent fertility. To see a lion in the jungle, indicate the need to be more honest and loyal in your relationships. Some people dream of lions when they get a feeling of being preyed upon by enemies. Interestingly though, dreams of preying lion bring messages of self-sufficiency implying that you like to spend time alone because you are extremely independent. And it gets more and more interesting when you find out the nuances of those interpretations.


A lion is the beast of beasts and symbolizes authority over others. Either it could represent your desire to hold power over the people around you, or it could indicate someone has authority over you. Or it just reflects your inclination to dominate at work or in relationships.


A spirit lion indicates the need to either be in control of the circumstances, or for you to control your aggressive impulses and temper. Be careful, though, not to become a control freak.


To dream of a lion can symbolize a defensive position. You might have a dangerous condition that has entered your life. It represents predatory feelings deep inside you.


The symbolic lion spirit animal primarily deals with personal power. A lion in its habitat has a natural dignity and smooth power. The power comes naturally to a lion, and there is no false bravado because it is born powerful. A dream about lion is a reminder that each of us is born divine and powerful and to step into our birthright of strength. Its presence is a positive representation of personal power and self-confidence.


A female lion signifies hope, motherhood, sensuality, stamina, tenacity, and victory. Some cultures revered her as a sacred animal of the goddess-mother and the provider for her pride. Lioness spirit is attracted to people who protect and nurture the weak. She teaches you how to get your family working more cooperatively and how to care for your pride. It also teaches its young how to fend for themselves without leaving them vulnerable. Seeing a lioness in a dream means you fiercely protect those you love. It is also a signal never to give up and to keep going until you accomplish our goals.

Tamed Lion

Dreaming of a tame lion is a prompt to push you to change the way you do things because you have become too comfortable. It could be about your personal life or your old habits that no longer do you good.

Black Lion

A visit from a black lion signifies negative energy. You or someone is using their power or status to harm you and others.

White Lion

When a white lion visits, it highlights your majestic power, and you suddenly become aware of the power you hold. With this personal power, you can achieve anything when you draw on your courage, strength, and wisdom.

Path-crossing lion

A lion will cross your path to strengthen your courage. It shows you when to walk your truth without fear, when to get involved and when to leave.

Threatening lion

Being scared in your dream denotes a sharp image of the emotional tension you feel inside. Most likely, a particular situation in your life is hard for you to comprehend at a conscious level. Thus, as a defense mechanism, you rejected it out of your awareness. The lion spirit animal appears to help. It is warning you that you are in the process of being aware of your life problems. You now need to confront your issues and address them. It is your subconscious telling you to stop hiding behind closed doors and inviting you to examine what is causing tension despair.

Chasing lion

The most common lion dream is being chased by a lion as you struggle to outmaneuver the lion which is next to impossible. When this happens, the lion spirit animal is trying to connect you to the personal struggles and aspects in your life that you are trying to escape and showing you how to express them. For some people, it may indicate repressed feelings of aggression and anger towards someone who is mean to you.

Attacking Lion

You are on a path of self-destruction. Dreaming of an attacking lion can mean someone, something or a force drives you to self-destruction. There might be overwhelming circumstances in your waking life that are making it difficult to progress. You need to meet the challenges, overcome the obstacles and move on.

Biting Lion

A bite from a lion is a negative sign. You are feeling overwhelmed, and the source of the worry could be about feelings or a challenging situation. A lion that bites you bring warning to look at what is happening in your life before it “bites” you. The image of a lion is an active call to say that it might be time to end toxic relationships after which your wounds can start to heal. Another interpretation is to check on what is dominating your life of late and see if you can bring balance.

Killing Lion

If you are under pressure to make significant decisions, you may encounter killing a lion in your dream. Take time to look closer and say no if you feel too pressured.

Dead Lion

Ironically, it is a positive sign to dream of a dead lion. It can mean you can successfully meet serious challenges dealing with the law.


If lion keeps cracking through your awareness and dreams, it means your spirit animal is a lion. However, as with all symbols and signs, the symbolic meaning should be personal to each, meaning it is you who decides your unique and symbolic relationship with the animal.

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