Exclusive Tafaria Castle and Country Lodge

Exclusive Tafaria Castle and Country Lodge

Once upon a time of great hardship, loneliness, and adventure, in Deighton Downs, at the foothills of Aberdare and Mount Kenya and overlooking the Laikipia plains, lived a young African man. He is George Waititu who is now the former Managing Director of Steadman. As he grew up enveloped in the wilderness, an immortal dream came unto him to convert an impoverished rural community. That idea became the exclusive Tafaria Castle established in 2012. Hence, it is fair to say that it was George’s motivation that paved the way for the existence of Tafaria Castle and Country Lodge.

Dream comes true

When George abandoned his high-paying lucrative job, few understood why he left such a good job. But he quit because he found it difficult to balance his time between the business venture he was involved in and his employer. But once Waititu resigned, he put so much effort on the project that his gamble paid off just a year after he left. The castle took a total of seven years of construction to be in its current form and structure. His undertaking brought about one of the most beautiful structures in Kenya called the Tafaria Castle and Country Lodge.

Three transformational mindsets

Tafaria Castle and Country Lodge in Kenya was created to provoke and stimulate three transformational states of mind. One is that of adventure because of the location being within easy reach of Kenyan wildlife. Second is that of images drawn from the medieval architecture of the lodges. And the third is that of sheer indulgence of luxury with pure leisurely relaxation.

Adventure with wildlife

Tafaria Castle is in a remote location and the secluded spot, north of Nairobi, halfway between Nyahururu and Nyeri. It is located 40 miles from Nyeri towards Nyahururu and 24 miles from Nyahururu towards Nyeri. The castle is on an expansive land in the middle of nowhere overlooking the Aberdare Range, Mount Kenya, and Laikipia Plains. It is within 30 minutes of the vibrant African wildlife in the Laikipia Plains and Aberdare ranges. The breathtaking forests and mountains of the Aberdare Ranges hosted the Queen of England before she ascended the throne. It is also possible to organize game drives and enjoy game viewing expeditions to Aberdares, the Mount Kenya, Laikipia or even the conservancies while staying at this lodge.

Imagination with architecture

The elegant architecture of the castle is a medieval-era style. To stay there is like a journey back in time to the Elizabethan era at the present moment. It reminds one of the Norse warriors back in the 11th century transporting the guest to her Majesty’s chambers. And in the 21st century, it is a unique venue for a dream wedding due to its English medieval architectural style. The castle has a sizeable Elizabethan amphitheater that is capable of holding about 800 people. There are motorized chairs and beds in the reception area and in some rooms that look like carriages.

Relaxation with atmosphere

The castle is at high altitude, with gentle manicured ground facilities, and a countryside atmosphere. The Tafaria Castle and Country Lodge offer exclusive usage of its manicured grounds. Surrounding the place is numerous trees and beautiful landscaping. Nature lovers can have a field day with their moments at this magical Castle and Country Lodge. The range of rooms in the country lodge is comfortable and luxurious with options of the Lord’s Room, the Old House, the Knights’ Quarters, the Vikings’ Quarters, the Damsels’ Quarters and the lost Knights’ Quarters. The rooms in the castle are ideal for honeymooners and those looking for extravagance.

Exotic residential quarters

The Damsels’ Quarters, the Vikings Quarters, and the Knights’ Quarters are the three residential quarters of the castle. All these three quarters are themed differently with interesting ornamentation and fixtures. The furnishings, fittings, decor and the surroundings of the castle live up to the themed Quarters. The Damsels’ Quarters are of adequate size, the Vikings’ Quarters are tented and the Knights’ Quarters have extra space. The Vikings’ Quarters are luxurious en-suite tents with the door opening to a night under canvas and a spectacular horizon. There is double and single room accommodation in all these Quarters.

Exclusive palatial suites

For groups and large families who need more spacious accommodation the Lost Knights’ Quarters or the Old House, which are beautiful en-suite 3-bedroom cottages, are the best. The Lord’s Room serves as the primary suite and the most coveted in Tafaria Castle and Country Lodge. This exclusive room is ideal for honeymoon couples or any visitor who needs an extra dose of luxury like a bathroom with a large bathtub, a mini-bar, and television. It is on the second floor of the castle, and its spacious veranda provides a remarkable view of the property and beyond. And all the rooms are booked many months in advance, as there are only 25 of them.

Other castle facilities

The beautiful castle has one restaurant called Bailey that is open till 11 pm not only to the residents but also to non-residents. Dinner is served in the dining room, while breakfast and lunch on the exterior terrace overlooking the grounds. The Tafaria castle also has an indoor bar, an outdoor snack bar, and an outdoor grill bar. The Moat Bar is for residents to enjoy refreshments while enjoying the beautiful view of the Aberdare ranges. A shared sitting lounge with a fireplace serves all guests of the Country Lodge. Tafaria is also fully equipped with day and residential conference facilities, including a choice of a marquee in the manicured grounds and an indoor meeting room. It has beautifully landscaped lawns with a swimming pool, and are the best for outdoor parties and events.

The exclusive Tafaria Castle and Country Lodge between Nyeri and Nyahururu is a magical resort. This location now hosts people who want to spend a holiday at the castle overlooking the idyllic greenery of the forest. The mauve sky, the greenery in the property, and the mountain yield a picturesque sight.

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