Hell’s Gate National Park

Hell’s Gate National Park

Why is Hell’s Gate National Park a highly recommended place for an occasional visit. It is because of the abundant natural beauty. Why is nature important? Here is why and science has proven it.

Nature impacts our wellbeing.

Regardless of age or culture, exposure to scenes of nature increases pleasant feelings, improves psychological well-being, enhances vitality, and enriches meaningfulness. It increases our attention span and our ability to pay more attention to the things that matter. And it connects us to our loved and dear ones. According to some field studies, time spent in nature connects us to each other through developing stronger feelings of unity and belonging.

Nature reduces our anxieties

Environments can impact our bodies by reducing our stress levels. The stress of an unpleasant environment can elevate our blood pressure, but a pleasant environment can reverse that. Research has shown that even a simple plant can have a significant impact on our anxiety levels. Nature deprivation reduces our capacity to cope with stresses and increases our fears and anxieties.

Nairobi residents

The year-round weather makes Nairobi a perfect place to take advantage of everything in nature. Hell’s Gate National Park is just one of the many recommended places for a day trip because it is located just 110km from the city of Nairobi on the edge of Naivasha. It is a spectacular destination on earth.

Natural beauty of Hell’s Gate National Park

Hell’s Gate National Park is famed for the geothermal activity within its borders. It was a belief that Hell’s Gate National Park was the outlet for the freshwater lake that stretched all the way to Nakuru that supported early human communities. It is home to a variety of flora, wildlife and over 100 bird species including vultures, augur buzzards, Verreaux’s eagles and the rare ones such as Chandler’s mountain reedbuck and the klipspringer antelopes.

Hell’s Gate is an incredible quarter of the Great Rift Valley with breathtaking scenery. Belching plumes of geothermal steam, towering cliffs, start rock towers, water-gouged gorges and scrub-clad volcanoes make it one of the atmospheric Parks in Africa. The breathtaking scenery motivated the making of many Hollywood films in this place. The Park’s gorge and the Central Tower add to the picturesque beauty.

Njorowa Gorge

This Gorge is a 24km deep ravine. Warm water springs feed a brook that wanders down Al Njorowa as it flows through the surrounding rocky landscape. Al Njorowa Gorge broadens as it slides down the Park and is a hiker’s paradise.

Fisher’s Tower

Fischer’s Tower at Hell’s Gate came into being as a result of the volcanic activity standing 25m high about 35 million years ago. Named after a German explorer, Gustav Fischer, it is a rock climbing site. Seasoned rock climbers are often spotted scaling their way up the tower.


Visitors can enjoy the biodiversity, walking safaris, mountain biking, natural spa and rock climbing. Hell’s Gate is a place where families with kids can take part in a walk, cycle or run alongside zebra, elands, giraffes, and gazelle. Cycling through this Park is another pastime as there are rental bikes available from some businesses. Camping facilities are also available at the park. So, it is a beautiful place to pitch up a tent under the Kenyan night sky.

Getting there

One of the routes is through Naivasha, where there is a Catholic Church. During WWII, Italian POWs built the church. The drive takes one past Longonot and Mai Mahiu. After that, turn left onto South Lake Road and keep driving past several horticultural farms. Continue to Elsa Gate Junction and turn left again.

Another route is through the upper escarpment road to Nakuru which has some great viewpoints overlooking the Great Rift Valley, Lake Naivasha, and Mt. Longonot. After turning left at the Naivasha turn off, continue through the town to old Naivasha Road heading towards Nairobi. Then take a right onto South Lake Road.

Follow the nature

So, there you go. Some things in life are free. Mother Nature is one of them. There is something in nature that does wonders to our souls, minds, and bodies. It is our responsibility to take advantage of the beauty around us for the greater good. And watch the magical power of nature unfold before you as you experience life day by day. Be kind to yourself. Take a much-deserved break and make a trip to Hell’s Gate National Park.


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