All our safari guides and drivers are very well-trained and certified by KPSGA (Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association). Highly proficient in the identification of birds and animals, they are also excellent game-spotters. Since it’s in their nature of genuine willingness and desire to make that difference, you may find them always enquiring about your well-being and asking whether they can be of any further assistance to you. Equally important for you to know is that they get motivated when you ask them for more.

Safari guides and drivers

Guides and drivers

We have drummed up the support of all our safari guides/drivers by giving them unlimited mileage restriction. They provide dedicated service and assume responsibility for the outcomes of your safaris by being your constant companions throughout your safari trips. Born and raised in Kenya, they take great pride in sharing their passion and intimate knowledge about Kenya. Having placed an enormous amount of confidence in them, we have no intention of treating our current challenge any differently in the near or distant future.

Subtle as it may sound, but this minutest attention to detail is what has set us apart from other safari tour operators and is the key to a memorable safari experience. By paying personal attention to each of our travelers’ needs we have worked our way through past safari guests’ referrals who enthusiastically recommend us to their friends and families. At Safari Center, you can be rest assured that you are in right hands. We continually strive to pick cues and signalling from our valued travelers and adapt our business to serve better you.
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