Mysterious significance of crocodile spirit symbol

Mysterious significance of crocodile spirit symbol

Crocodile is one of the ancient of animals that have survived over millions of years. It played an essential part in the earliest spiritual lives of native peoples in many countries. In Christian antiquity and according to the Bible, it is a monster of chaos and the devil. Hence, early Christians during the Middle Ages chained stuffed crocodiles on church walls representing chained devil. Thousands of years ago, armors for warriors were designed using crocodile skins. When soldiers wore them, they took on the spirit of toughness and trusted their primal instincts making them go deeper for answers. The symbol also forces them to know themselves, to find their inner powers, and to understand that life and dreams do not reside outside but within oneself.

Unflattering personality traits

Crocodile signifies unflattering personality traits such as an aggressive attitude, short-tempered ness or even one’s tendency to display insincerity and false emotions by shedding crocodile tears. A notable feature of people who have crocodile as their animal totem is the gift for being their authentic self at all times. They are usually in touch with the real emotions in any situation. What they project emotionally allows others to be their selves. It is not always pleasant or easy to deal with these true selves. One must exercise lots of patience. But by channeling empathy and seeking clarity and guidance in the chaotic emotions of other people, they have an accurate understanding of what they are expressing. As a result, they are talented healers in the emotional realm. They accept this responsibility and behave accordingly.

Meaning in symbol

It is a well-established fact that the crocodile symbol has not faded but still exists in modern times too. The significance of the powerful creatures concerns intense spiritual realms than most other animals. For example, because these reptiles live in both water and land, they represent the duality of consciousness and unconsciousness as well as the emotional and rational. Both are equally influential and relevant, although it is not easy to balance them appropriately. To dream a crocodile symbolizes freedom, power, and strength. It also cautions of hidden danger and means someone is giving bad advice and is trying to direct towards poor decisions. At the most basic level, crocodile animal totems collectively remind us that we cannot always be docile and gentle but must also be in possession of characteristics like courage, patience, honor, speed, and fear. Apart from these things, they also give other good pieces of advice.

Chronic digestive problems

Concealing themselves in water and mud, the crocodile waits patiently for its prey. It eats any animal it can get hold of and if unable to swallow, will tear it into pieces. But it doesn’t eat unnecessarily. It is a reminder to be mindful of the food and to not under eat, or over eat but to absorb it thoroughly as digestive problems are common amongst those whose animal totem is the crocodile.

Highly evolved senses

The crocodile has acute senses, especially highly developed vision allowing it to see well when It hides underwater at night. The eyes are located high on its head, enabling it to stay pretty much below water yet see above it, urging us to exercise hypervigilance by developing our senses as well.

Sharp clairvoyant skills

The crocodile represents precision of motion and agility. By utilizing its ability to camouflage itself, it slowly pushes forward without moving a muscle, before pouncing, thereby achieving major success as predators. The croc knows when to hide and when to take action. Symbolically, this denotes clairvoyant abilities. From this, it advises us to wait for the opportune moment to strike and alerts us to be patient before making our decisions.

Spirit precedes body

The symbolic meaning of crocodile totem encompasses the ferocity and fury of the most primal, unbridled and untameable creative forces of the body which include reproduction, survival, and the passing of strength to the young. These energies tell us that we should seek to conserve our precious lives at all costs. But, most importantly, this reptile teaches us that it is the survival of spirit that gives strength and life to the body. In other words, the body suffers if the spirit suffers.

Period of regeneration

Crocodiles are symbols of wisdom and the protector and keeper of all knowledge. Therefore, this ferocious beast signifies a new beginning of the term of renewal and growth. Take time to integrate the changes in life. Look for opportunities to absorb and ingest new knowledge and wisdom if a crocodile has swum into the life. Use breathing techniques to keep balanced during this time of change.

Connection to water

Life began in the waters. Crocodile thrives and lives mostly in the deep, mysterious realm of swampy water near its primal source of origins. When it wanders there, it forms a connection with nature and tunes into these energies of growth from which its life came 50 million years ago. So, it did not need adaptation and had barely changed. It has inhabited the earth and survived in it with little evolution. It is due to this reason that crocodiles demand respect for the earliest beginnings.

Totem spirit animal

To have a crocodile as one’s totem spirit animal is to flow with the abundant waters of life itself. The crocodile connects to the spirit and primal instincts as well as remembers all of its past lives from the water. It is from water that it learns how to exercise hyper vigilance and receives all its clairvoyance skills. Water conveys genetic memory to the crocodile such as its long-lasting toughness and unflattering personality traits. These universal lessons are the crocodile spirit animal’s gift to its people.

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