Zebra symbolism

Zebra symbolism

Zebra is a majestic wild animal. It has made its home in Africa. And because of its origin, most of its symbolism comes from Africa. Zebra has a deep meaning in shamanism, African tribal traditions, psychological sciences and many other ancient religions. Even today a zebra icon is used to denote the symbolic meaning of it. So, for what does it stand? A zebra animal symbol represents community, freedom, balance, and individualism. Why does it stand for them? For that, it is rather important to delve into a more meaningful discussion about why zebra stands for these characteristics. Otherwise, it would amount to nothing more than superstitions and myths made up by our ignorant ancestors.


Zebras have a very tight-knit and intimate social structure. They stick to its herd. Zebras always prefer to clump in familiar groups or a group of individuals for their shelter and protection. They get a profound sense of solidarity in numbers. Moreover, zebras are unable to sleep unless a herd member is standing guard and awake. They know their best chance of survival is when they stick together. It characterizes community, protection, society, and family.


The zebra animal symbol implies reliance upon the community and the human need for partnership and security. It teaches us the value of communal living for our comfort and safety against outside threat. Being in a community of like-minded people helps one get back on their feet when experiencing unique challenges. The symbolic meaning of zebra is that there is power in numbers. They suggest that we ought to be supportive members of our communities. You can create a powerful vibration and energy by banding together with other like-minded people. In that respect, zebras are like human beings. Although we are individuals with different thoughts and ideas, we also come together to survive. That way we make our existence in our society and on this planet earth more enjoyable.


Zebras love being free and wild. It is impossible to tame one although people have made numerous attempts in the past. They will never let humans change that anytime soon.


Human beings are born free. It is our fundamental human right to live our lives. The zebra animal symbol teaches us to love our freedom and not to be beholden to someone else’s rule. Don’t be crushed by false beliefs or let anyone dominate you. The zebra salutes those who have been through a tough time but kept their free-spirit. It symbolizes the free and wild spirit that lives in everyone. Because of this trait, the zebra spiritual totem is a symbol of freedom.


Zebras have black and white stripes. Black and white represent opposite meanings. Hence they signify contradicting symbolism. Just like black and white are two extreme poles zebras are highly adjustable to the situation. They can be both adaptable as well as determined when it comes to survival. Because of this balancing attitudes, in times of trouble, a zebra always find its way out of a tight spot.


Among many other things, zebra symbolism denotes that things are not as cut and dry as black or white, right or wrong. Everything must find balance in this world. Every aspect of life requires balance. Zebra stripes signifies balance and deeper spiritual meaning, through the art of blending opposites – yin and yang. The dual aspect of the opposite yin and yang energies bring clarity to see new levels of truth. Zebras impart deep wisdom to those who consider the world as black or white. The animal tells them to break out of that stifling mindset and to appreciate that there are always middle-grounds in the world. For example, some people are neither black nor white. Be ready to recognize the differences in those individuals and to accept their alternative viewpoints. Such acceptance can open doors to new ideas. This paradigm shift can bring progress and prosperity in one’s life.


Zebra is wonderfully unique in its design. Although it can only survive in a herd, a zebra never loses its unique stripe pattern. The patterns are like fingerprints of human beings. They allow team members to identify each other. It is unlike any other animal on earth. Thus, zebra stripes symbolize individualism.


Zebra’s unique design infers that we are being called to value our individuality and to remain stable in it. Each of us has distinct gifts to share and offer. Unconditionally accept yourself. Embrace your individual differences. Look at the big picture of who you are. Blending itself into a crowd without losing its individuality is an important aspect of zebra. Hence zebra animal symbol teaches us that even though each is matchless in their ways, we have to learn to blend in with the society and be part of the larger community for our sakes and the benefit of others. It urges us to exploit and contribute our exclusiveness for the common good of all. In short, keep up your individuality within the herd.


Coming across a zebra or a flock of them either in dreams or waking life can symbolize any one of the features mentioned above. However, interpreting it without taking account the context of one’s life can only lead to misinterpretation. Every life is different. Each one of us goes through various situations and experiences. Because of our varied backgrounds, even if two people see the same zebra, its interpretation can mean two different things. That is why it is important to not read too much into it unless seasoned and experienced psychoanalysts interpret it. They are professionals who spend their lifetimes learning analytical psychology. Analytical psychology takes into consideration the whole life history of the individual before it ventures out to give a definitive interpretation of it. But beware, because even then, it is subject to many errors and flaws.

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